Benefits of Bee Pollen

The Benefits of Consuming Bee Pollen for Health

It is good in building up a strong immune system and has an anti-oxidant property. The components of bee pollen can support the immune system as well as increase resistance to common illnesses and infections. It deters the oxidation process of cells in the body keeping one healthy inside and out.

In some studies men who regularly took bee pollen supplements decreased their chances of acquiring prostate related diseases like cancer. It also decrease and treats prostate inflammation thus preventing any tumor development.

Bee pollen helps relieve stress through its naturally derived nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids that affect your mood. It also improves brain function making one more alert and free from brain fatigue.

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Bee pollen can naturally affect the body’s metabolism making it capable of burning more calories. Thus it is an ideal supplement for weight loss support.


Benefits of Bee Pollen to Different Medical Conditions

Bee pollen is such a potent super food that is not limited to providing athletes and people with an active lifestyle with sustain energy and good overall health. Many health practitioners in various medical fields today see the significance of bee pollen in helping relieve the  following medical conditions and ailments.

  • Acne- this very common skin infection can be treated with bee pollen to arrest further infection and reduce inflammation while giving protection to the skin.
  • Allergies- most allergies are seasonal and could be mostly caused by pollen in the environment. Having a regular intake of bee pollen before your seasonal allergy attack one can help conquer the ill and bad effects of allergy. Bee pollen can strengthen your immunity to most common allergies supporting you against any seasonal allergy attacks.
  • Anemia- is a common health condition that is usually left undiagnosed. If you are lucky to know that you are suffering from anemia then a good supplementation of essential vitamins and minerals can really be a great help in alleviating the symptoms associated with anemia. Bee pollen is a great source of valuable vitamins and minerals which include a good dose of iron. Consuming bee pollen on a regular basis can relieve you your symptoms while providing good support in healthier red blood cells production.
  • Asthma- many asthma sufferers are known to have symptoms like difficulty in breathing since there is a narrowing of the bronchial tubes caused by inflammation with excess mucus production. Bee pollen is great in alleviating the symptoms commonly associated with asthma by improving the inflammation and maintaining the normal lung tissues. A good dose of 500mg/kg daily will help in the treatment and healing of asthma. However if asthma is triggered by some form of allergic reaction then it is always best to consult your physician before bee pollen supplementation.
  • Bronchitis- characterized by swelling and inflammation of the bronchial tubes and inflammation of the mucus membranes due to irritation and infections. Bee pollen can help in arresting the inflammation of the affected area and also helps in eliminating excess mucus. Bee pollen can control the swelling and the inflammation thus giving relief by improving the airways and expelling out excess mucus.

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  • Constipation- together with adequate fiber in the diet, bee pollen can help normalize bowel movement. Bee pollen can relieve constipation by improving the condition in the digestive system. It can also improve the movement of the bowel to prevent constipation.
  • Colitis- is characterized by inflammation and swelling of the large intestine. Bee pollen can significantly improve this condition through its effective anti-inflammatory property.
  • Obesity- in some clinical studies people who regularly took bee pollen supplement had dropped their food intake by as much as 20%. Bee pollen has components that suppresses appetite.  A super food when taken at least 30 mins before meals it helps decrease food consumption. Bee pollen can naturally improve metabolism by burning more fats and eliminating it.
  •  Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms Relief- since bee pollen has a perfect balance of both fructose and glucose the insulin level in the blood can dramatically normalize,  Thus it helps in relieving common diabetes symptoms.
  •  Sinusitis- is characterized by inflammation of the sinus passages caused by infection or irritations. Bee pollen has good anti-inflammatory relief and will aid in expelling out excess mucus.
  • Wrinkles- supplementation of bee pollen for wrinkles is truly effective. Since bee pollen has natural components like powerful anti-oxidants in Vitamin C and E that can protect the skin from premature aging due to sun exposure. Nucleic acids in bee pollen can help in regeneration of new healthier skin cells while the omega fatty acids in bee pollen can help protect the skin from any outbreaks like acne therefore promoting clearer and smoother skin complexion.

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