Benefits of Propolis to Cancer

Regular intake of propolis will benefit those people who are suffering from cancer. It is a great supplementation that supports cancer treatment as well as improve the general well-being of the patient. Propolis has certain functions and properties that are very supportive to cancer treatments. Propolis helps to fight cancer in the following ways.

  • Anti-tumor- from some clinical studies it was proven that propolis is very effective in preventing the formation, development and spreading of tumors. It can inhibit the tumor growth thus preventing further spreading. Propolis has a positive effect on cancer and can shrink tumor size up to about 50% and block the invasive metastasis of tumors.
  • Supports Radiation Therapy- chemotherapy is a common radiation treatment process for cancer. However radiation can really affect the overall health condition of cancer patients and with the help of propolis the negative effects of radiation therapy can be countered. Since propolis is a highly nutritive super food it will strengthen the body by providing essential nutrients and added energy to help recover from the ill effects of cancer. Propolis can also help in maintaining a good balance of healthy blood cells thus promoting effective cancer control.
  • DNA Protection- amazingly propolis can work wonders in providing effective DNA protection for cancer patients. A component called caffeic acid or CAPE protects the healthy living DNA while destroying the cancer cells.

It is truly remarkable what propolis can do for people with cancer. With its almost super natural powers propolis is truly a super food that can help in the treatment and recovery from cancer.

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Positive Effects of Propolis for Health

Brazilia Green Propolis 10ml

Brazilia Green Propolis 10ml

  • Improves overall health by increasing the body’s natural immune system.
  • Helps in resisting and arresting infection due to bacteria, virus and fungal..
  • Promotes healing of wounds and from other diseases.
  • A good treatment for skin infections such as acne and warts, genital infections like herpes, mouth infections like canker sores or even wound infection.
  • Helps in maintaining good and healthy bone tissues. Prevents the onset of osteoporosis and other bone degenerated diseases of the bone.
  • Helps treat certain types of seasonal allergies like allergic rhinitis and minor sinusitis.
  • Has a promising effect on prostate cancer cells. Helps in decreasing tumor size.
  • For treating inflammation in the body. Effective treatment to decrease swelling caused by certain diseases like arthritis and gout.
  • Support in  lowering cholesterol and improving overall blood circulation.
  • Can alleviate constipation, irritable bowel syndrome or IRS and other digestive disorders by normalizing the digestive system overall condition.
  • Promotes better metabolism by effectively stimulating the body’s fat burning capability. It can help in the utilization of fats and stored body fat for weight reduction and fat loss.
  • Helps regulate normal menstrual cycle and promotes female reproductive health.
  • Promotes better respiratory condition by preventing any inflammation and can help in expelling mucus commonly associated with coughs, colds and respiratory infections.


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