Collagen Seaweed Fiber

What is Collagen Seaweed Fiber with Probiotic?

Collagen Seaweed Fiber is a combination of collagen, probiotic & dietary fiber.

Collagen Seaweed is a natural material extracted from the substance in seaweed which hold responsible for the expansion and diminution of seaweed, this has been known as body building supplement that rebuilding of joints, firm the skin, increases elasticity and many benefits. And combines with the first line of defense, good bacteria(Probiotics) for our digestive and excretory system.

The environment in the gastro-intestinal tract is often distress by harmful bacteria cause by unhealthy and irregular diet, binge eating, long term intake of antibiotics, drugs, and etc. While supplying the good bacteria with the correct nutrients is best way to detoxify and maintain a good internal circulation, dietary fiber accelerates the faces elimination, reduces contact duration of toxin in intestine which may absorbed into the blood stream and to prevent colon cancer. (Colon Cancer is TOP 3 cancers in the country). The symbiotic of the product is an acid-resistant friendly bacteria that inhibits harmful bacteria bacterial in the body’s lower digestive system.

Our Collagen Product are:

Collagen Seaweed FibreCollagen Seaweed Extract Collagen Sea Birdnest

Who should benefit from Collagen Seaweed Fiber with Probiotic?

  • Those suffer constipation and piles.
  • Overweight.
  • Weak immune system, intestine & stomach.
  • Hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis.
  • Skin diseases, pimples, blemish, pigmentation, acne, freckles.
  • Like to maintain body figure, good shape and slim body.
  • Who has less exercise, stay up late & work late.
  • Alcohol drinker or people with poor liver system.
  • Frequently exposed to pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics & hormones.
  • Those who wish to regain health, body, beauty & confidence.

Collagen Seaweed Fiber

Collagen Seaweed FibreCollagen Seaweed Extract Collagen Sea Birdnest