Benefits of Bamboo Salt

What is the benefit of Bamboo salt?

1. Take bamboo salt with water helps in reduce weight

Take a glass of water with bamboo salt in the morning is good for health. It can help to remove toxin from your body. This helps to promote intestinal peristalsis discharge stool, effectively reducing the accumulation of fat in the intestine, and thus play a role in weight loss.
Bamboo salt can also quickly and thoroughly eradicate acid lipids, cholesterol drugs, and other harmful ingredients, purify the blood. Of course, while Ladies detox with bamboo salt should be exercise more. This can maintain the normal functioning of the body and boost the metabolism, both to achieve the role of detoxification diet and stay healthy.

bamboo salt

bamboo salt

2. Massage with bamboo salt to prevent edema

Many people feel that their body bulge bulging. In fact, this is due to too much moisture, fat and metabolic waste accumulated in the body. Using bamboo salt beauty product or product containing the bamboo salt scrub to do massage can reduce the swelling. The massage should focus at the fat accumulation spot,such as thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Only with long-term adherence, will take to good effect.
The swelling principle during massage with bamboo salt, is organic bamboo salt can penetrate the skin and play a  role in enhance skin metabolism, help the body to discharge excess water and waste in the body.

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3. Antibacterial activity

Research on anti-inflammatory activity of bamboo salt suggest that bamboo salt importantly contributes to the prevention or treatment of inflammatory diseases.

What is Bamboo salt?

Salt loaded in to a 3-year old bamboo tube, sealed with natural yellow clay, and then the pine baking the last solid powder is bamboo salt. This process is often repeated, “good” bamboo salt is the salt left and prepared after nine time baked.
Bamboo salt is using  natural salt that is rich in minerals as raw material, pour into the bamboo tube growth over three years,  used to calcining kiln must also be made ??with yellow clay. Only in the yellow clay made ??kiln fuel with pine, bamboo salt can be calcined into purple color. bamboo salt can be obtained first calcined about 10 hours after that . Bamboo burn out, leaving only the salt. After calcination, bamboo water has penetrated into the salt. Bamboo salt became salt stick shape. Then crushed the first calcined bamboo salt , and repeat baked in bamboo for nine time.