Natural Concentrate Liquid Chlorophyll

Clean the Body & Reduces Heatiness

1. Liquid chlorophyll mimics haemoglobin in red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the whole body. If you work or sleep in air conditioned rooms with the windows shut, liquid chlorophyll is a must. It helps boost your body’s oxygen levels for enhanced metabolism and vitality, and reduced tiredness.

2. As a mild “Nature’s cleanser“, it promoted body detoxification to alleviate skin breakouts, and promote clear, healthy complexion.

3. Refreshing green tonic to reduce heatiness and eases sore throat. Great for those taking too much fried food, meat, junk food and spicy food or not drinking enough water.

4. A natural deodorizer that works inside out to rid body odour and bad breath.

5. Promotes cell regeneration and boosts the immune system. Dr. Richard Wilstatter and Dr. Han Fisher have in 1915 and 1930 respectively received the Nobel Prize in medicine and chemistry for discovering the molecular structure of human red blood cells and chlorophyll is that chlorophyll has a magnesium atom in its nucleus while red blood cells have iron. Thus Chlorophyll can help in cases of anemia and other blood deficiency conditions.

7. Reduces the body problems. Scientist Offen Krantz found that chlorophyll is highly beneficial to patient with stomarch ulcers. Chlorophyll complements the medication prescribed by doctors for stomach ulcers.

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Chlorophyll act as natural body healing, restoring health and harmony to your body.


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