eurycoma extra tongkat ali
Eurycoma Extract Tongkat Ali

Eurycoma Extract Tongkat Ali


Eurycoma Extract Tongkat Ali improve vitality and relieve fatigue.

Product Description

Eurycoma Extract Tongkat AliĀ  800g (liquid)


To improved vitality, to relieve fatigue, to increase hormone production, to reduce high fever, to improve blood circulation, diabetes, archritis, rtheumatism, neuralgia, recover after giving birth, to strengthen immune system.


Natural Health Food from Malaysia

Active Ingredients

Eurycoma Longifolia – 82%

Jungle Honey -18%


To be taken two times a day

one (10g) spoon at a time



Keep in dry cool place and keep out reach of children


What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali also knows as Eurycoma Longifolia, is a special plant in Malaysia to use in Medicinal proposes. Study shows that it has a medicinal sexual effects for male, to increase and enhanced the testosterone level and improved body energy. Besides, it also helps in strengthen heart and lower the high blood pressure and giving energy to daily life. It is not only for male, women can consume it as supplement as well.

The original Tongkat Ali is bitterness, however because of the bitterness, it has a significant effect for health improvement. Avoid fake product, which may harm your health.

Tongkat Ali come in different form, such as powder, capsules, root, extract etc. If you would like to buy this herb, please make sure the origin of the herb. It can only found in Malaysia and Indonesia. The ingredient of the product is really important and make sure you get a right dose for yourself.

Shop with us for the Tongkat Ali product as we are one of the producer in Malaysia, we get the Tongkat Ali direct from Orang Asli, and we have factory producing and manufacture the product.