Raw and Pure Honey

Raw Honey

honey-It is unfiltered and is the concentrated nectar that come from the flowers. It is not treated with any heat, not processed and is unpasteurized. Considered as an alkaline food, this raw honey contains very similar components to those found in fruits which will turn into alkaline in the digestive system. Raw honey will not ferment in the stomach and can be utilized to aid against acid indigestion.

Raw honey has a milkier consistency andis characterized by fine crystal texture. It also contains some particles from bee pollen, Propolis, broken bee wing pieces and honeycomb bits,  it has a low moisture content of between 14 to 18 percent and has a very high antioxidant level. After a month or so the raw honey will of crystallize and granulate into a margarine type consistency.

Pure Honey

Honey is considered pure because of the process of filtration that get rids of impurities like residues of honeycomb, pee pollen pieces and other contaminants. Once labeled as ‘pure’ it means that there is no additives like added sugar, flavorings and corn syrups. It could undergo some heat treatment and even pasteurization before bottling or packing.

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