What is Green Propolis?

Green Propolis contains high levels of the most potent and more powerful antioxidants. It is used by the bees to preserve their colony and bee hive and for their protection against any harmful infection and diseases that could affect them.


What is Propolis?

Propolis is the sticky resin like natural substance that comes from tree buds collected by the honey bees. Often called ‘bee glue’ the main purpose of Propolis for bees is to keep, maintain and build their hive. Bees collect and use propolis in mending small holes and cracks in their bee hive. It is a mixture of bee secretions, beeswax and resins from plants and trees such as flower and leaf buds.

Propolis is unique from one bee hive to another. Since bees collect nectars from various plants and trees in their territory, the nectar substance gathered from one area will never be similar to another. Each bee hive has its own unique composition with varying mixtures and ratios.

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What is the function of Propolis for man?

Since propolis is a good source of potent anti-oxidant this could definitely help in the preservation of healthier human cells. It can protects against infections and diseases. It has effective anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which are now used for its medicinal purposes. Propolis is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and in some related studies it has shown to attack certain cancer cells. Propolis also promotes faster and better healing.

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Brazilia Green Propolis 10ml

Brazilia Green Propolis 10ml

What can we get if we consume propolis?

Consuming high quality propolis such as the green variety is very good for maintaining good health.

It will increase your immune system, fight off infections and can inhibit tumor growth. Propolis can help in preventing or delaying the oxidation process of cells in our body with its high levels of natural anti-oxidant.

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Who should consume Propolis?

In general propolis is good for anyone who wishes to enhance their immune system, fights certain infections and benefit from its anti-oxidant property.

However if you are allergic to honey, honey related products, certain trees and plants and pollens you should not take this supplement. For pregnant and lactating women it is not recommended since there is no clinical study conducted on this group of people.

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