What is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is the nutritious food of adult queen bees and bee larvae made from honey bee secretion. This secretion made by the worker bees through its glands in the hypo-pharynx are being fed as highly nutritious food to all bee larvae and queen bee within the colony.

Royal jelly is part of the nutrition for selected small larvae groomed to become a new queen. Worker bees are the ones who decide as to when they need a new queen for their colony. In the event that their current queen is weak, sick or killed worker bees will create a new queen from the selected larvae. The main food source for them is royal jelly. This type of nutritious feeding of the larvae would trigger some advancement of queen morphology which also includes the development of ovaries for egg production.

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Royal Jelly Nutritional Value

The nutritional benefits of royal jelly are now highly regarded and used as nutritional supplement that promotes good health. Royal jelly is highly nutritious not only for bees but more so for humans because of its components like vitamin B complex such as pyridoxine (B6), and pantothenic acid (B5). It also contains good amount of essential fatty acids, protein, enzymes, Vitamin E, K, A and Vitamin C. The complete composition of royal jelly is 67% water, 12.5% protein, 11% monosaccharides (simple sugars), different amino acids and high amount of about 5% fatty acids. It contains nucleic acids like DNA and RNA with 18 essential amino acids. It has good antibacterial and antibiotic properties make it more valuable for good health.

The royal jelly contains a unique single protein called royalactin which is responsible for the development of larvae to queen bee. Worker bees secretion must contain this royalactin protein in order to produce a new queen.

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Developing queen larvae surrounded by royal jelly (from wikipedia)

Developing queen larvae surrounded by royal jelly (from wikipedia)

royal jelly 100g

Royal Jelly 100g

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